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This is getting ridiculous...

Here are two posts that were placed in each of my bands' respective guestbooks:

"I think it's awesome you guys are back. I think you're stuff is great. I followed Chris when he went to that other band, Gray something but it just wasn't the same. I guess it's different when it's YOUR band, anywaysm, ALL HAIL DS! When can I get a new album??"

....and of course....

You guys are ok but I was happy to hear Chris is going back to where he belongs. I always thought him and DS were great.

First of all, I do not "belong" anywhere. Yes, Divine Silence is the band that I co founded many years back (and I am very glad we are doing things again), but I am also extremely happy with Grey Skies Fallen. No one can argue the fact that we (GSF) have written some incredible songs lately; songs which I am very much a part of creating. Now, on the off chance that there really are people who are big fans of mine and follow every move I make, believe me, I am very flattered. Reality though dictates otherwise, because I am basically a nobody. In closing, I would like to say to those who are trying to persuade me to leave GSF to save their energy. I am not going anywhere because last time I checked, it was MY life.
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