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familyghost's Journal

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The Family Ghost
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This community is devoted to King Diamond and Mercyful Fate. Feel free to share your thoughts.
1642 imprisonment, a broken spell, a mansion in darkness, a mansion in sorrow, abigail, abigail 2 the revenge, amon, amon belongs to them, andy larocque, arrival, at the graves, behind these walls, black hill sanitarium, black horsemen, black metal, broken glass, burn, bye bye missy, charon, coming home, conspiracy, cremation, daddy, death metal, digging graves, dreams, dressed in white, eastmann's cure, eye of the witch, family ghost, fatal portrait, father picard, from the other side, funeral, halloween, haunted, heads on the wall, house of god, i am, i'm not a stranger, insanity, into the convent, killer, kim bendix petersen, king diamond, let it be done, lies, little one, lucy forever, lurking in the dark, meet me at midnight, melissa, mercyful fate, miriam, mommy, moonlight, more than pain, mother's getting weaker, omens, out from the asylum, room 17, six feet under, sleep tight little baby, sleepless nights, slippery stairs, something weird, sorry dear, spare this life, tea, the accusation chair, the candle, the crypt, the curse, the eye, the family ghost, the graveyard, the invisible guests, the jonah, the lake, the meetings, the poltergeist, the portrait, the possession, the spider's lullabye, the storm, the trial, the wedding dream, the wheelchair, them, to the morgue, trick or treat, twilight symphony, two little girls, up from the grave, victimized, voices from the past, voodoo, waiting, welcome home, whispers

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